Julie Gregory is the author of the best selling Sickened, Memoir of a Lost Childhood [Bantam Dell, 2003-04] and My Father’s Keeper, [Harper Collins, 2008-09]. Sickened appeared in over 20 countries and was named Book Of The Year by The Sunday London Times, and editor’s pick in Entertainment Weekly, as well as being a top ten book of the year in their December issue. Her latest memoir, My Father’s Keeper, debuted on The London Times best seller list in paperback, January 2009.

Julie is best described as an American memoirist, writing about hillbilly culture, dead end dirt roads and the pain found at the bottom of them. She uses black humor and vivid imagery to detail the adventures of her off beat family, who holed up in a trailer with an arsenal of guns at the bottom of a southern Ohio holler.

She has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The BBC Worldwide, People Magazine, Dateline, 60 Minutes, Lifetime, and in major newsprint and magazines worldwide. Her work was selected as a top pick for young readers by the American Library Association and is required reading in many schools. She has been a headline speaker at the annual convention on child medicine held in Sweden and also served on a panel with leading academics in both Washington and San Diego at The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Conference [ACCAPC].

Today, in addition to writing books, she lectures to medical, law enforcement, and cps agencies and leads writing workshops for high schools and colleges that use her work in their literature, writing or psychology courses. She offers consulting on illness falsification cases to the private sector through her LLC and provides pro-bono assistance to cps agencies for court cases.

She is represented by the literary division of the William Morris Agency in New York and by the agency of Irene Webb in Los Angeles for movie media.

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